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Western Chief Blower


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I was working on my forge rebuild and got a call from my brother-in-law asking if I needed a blower for the forge. He said he had one I could have. It's a Western Chief and in working order. Sounds like it's a big thing and from pics on the internet it was mounted to a stand. I'm excited to get it. I have to travel to Northern MN to pick it up. 8 hour drive.

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Not sure what model you are getting but can tell you this; these are exquisite  units. I bought a late model one year ago (12") because i could. All original. Even the red paint and wood  handle.

Took it apart one year later (last weekend) to see what I'd  have to do. It was sorta cruddy but in super shape. I couldn't  believe it.

If you are familiar with the champion 400 , this thing is far and away better. The 400 is as if champion took the most expensive  , complex and most difficult  route. The Royal blower is very simple. Very. Simple. Virtually  zero noise. And these are all spur gears! Smooth like home made ice cream.

There are early versions which employed a plastic-ish gear. I guess they can be problematic. There are two sizes. The small one was mounted on the forge via a collar. The larger blowers  were available  free standing like yours. 

The gear case will hold almost one pint of light machine oil. It is not sealed! If you overfill, it will spew out the fan shaft. If you tip it over, it wil run out. It will have a drain via the oil level valve. 

I used mine for first time yesterday. It was like eating a warm peach cobbler under a blanket of home made vanilla ice cream. 

I have a pic somewhere on my computer.........

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