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Hello everybody, just stopping by for my introduction after posting last week asking for help with anvil identification. Didn't mean to be rude but like your typical halphwit I rarely read stuff before jumping in. 

Anywho, I've loved the idea of manipulating steel since I was a little guy, watching my dad shooting sparks across the garage with a grinder or what not or telling me not to look at the light while he welded. I learned how to weld somewhat in a vocational school back home and that just kindled the fire of me wanting to start working metal. I've been an Ironworker/rigger/crane operator for the last 12ish years so its kinda ingrained in me to work steel. It wasn't until a few years back that I finally was in a position to actual start building a small shop in my garage. I started small with just stock removal knives. Literally just a hack saw, file, and sand paper for my first couple. Then I built a small heat treat forge, kinda coffee can style but with a Christmas popcorn can instead. I then started getting very interested in Damascus because of some darn youtube vids lol. OMG! So I went straight to my little forge, fired it all the way up and tried to weld some pieces of mild steel together. I beat them together on a 10# sledge head(turned on end) with a little HF 2# drilling hammer. Needless to say they fell apart with a giant gap of disappointment between them. Since then I've rebuilt my forge, built an anvil out of scrap, built a 2x72 grinder, and just last week bought a awesome anvil on Craigslist. 

Oh and a few months back I joined the HABA(Houston area blacksmith association) and have been learning tons from some very knowledgeable people and have made a couple friends.

I'm here to learn and possibly share my limited experience with others. Also just show others what been up to making/building/forging

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