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I am working on making my forge, I don't have any pictures currently but I will be posting some along with video of it running im the not too distant future, but I have some questions about the internal volume and how the performance will be effected when the stock is in the forge, the internal space is 5.75" diameter x 10" length giving me a volume of about 250 cubic inches. 

I was planning on running two 1/2 Frosty T burners in it but I am now wondering if 1.5" stock (likely the largest I will end up using) will reduce the internal volume too much and cause the back pressure to become too great for the forge to work properly.

So I guess my question is if I run two 1/2" T burners will I run into back pressure issues? If it will be an issue would a single 1/2" T burner be enough to heat the forge? Any help is much appreciated.

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It should be okay if the burners aren't too close to the center and the openings aren't closed off too much. Still, that's a pretty small forge for stock that size. Not that it won't heat it but it's pretty close quarters so the liner is going to get banged up more than a little more space.

I have to ask though, how long is the 1.5" stock going to be? Do you have a power hammer or have you enthralled a couple strikers? 

Have you looked at the forge plans on Wayne's site? We may build them a little differently but his are solid designs which work well.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The stock likely won't be more than 4" long, and it will be a while before I start using anything that big. 

I have looked at the plans on Wayne's website and I've been having trouble sourcing material for a body that size, also my work space is limited which is why I'm going for a small forge, I just wanted something a step up from my two brick forge, and something that would be relatively cheap to build, I'm considering this a learning project so that when I do get a larger shop and materials for a larger forge I will know more what I am doing.

And I do have someone enthralled to be a striker for me, at least until I get a bigger shop and can build a treadle hammer, thanks very much for the info!

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