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Anyone with a copy of AIA handy?  Who was the Trenton (Columbus Forge and Iron Company) Anvil Smith who used K to mark the weight of the anvils he forged?

Trenton Anvil Foot Marked   Weight K166  Serial 130980   -  I'm just curious which anvil Smith used the K.  If I remember right, there are a list of Anvil Smiths in AIA for Columbus Forge and Iron Company.

thank you in advance.


Kevin King

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6 hours ago, ChrisPTF said:

Kevin, when I get home I can look in my Anvils of America book and check that out for you along with giving you a date on the serial number unless someone else does it before I have a chance.

Kevin in (AIA) "Mr, Joseph King (Mr. Earl Tilton's son in law) said that the anvil maker would often put the first initial of his last name to the left of the weight on the front of the foot. Six of the anvil makers at Columbus Forge and Iron were: Mr Anderson, Mr, Cy Wright, Mr. Karl Wright, Mr. Cheeseman, Mr. "Doggie" Taylor and Mr. jack Ruble.

Many of the Trenton anvils Mr. Postman has recorded had Ws. Zs and Ts as well as other letters stamped to the left of the weight.

I did not come across any last names that started with a K.

Your Serial # 130980 dates your anvil at the year 1915


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