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Need a part machined... can anyone help?

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I need to make a tool holder for my fly press, and it seems that the best way to have this done so as not to have weak spots would be to have it machined from a single piece.

Here's a picture of the one that Ron Reil uses with his fly press

or here's another that Larry Zoller over at Zoller Forge uses

the dimensions that I'd need would be 2.25 inches around with a 3/4 inch round shaft 1.75 inches long in the back, and a 1.75 inch long 3/4 inch round hole in the center of the bottom, which is 2.5 inches long


what I don't have drawn there is a hole tapped for a hold bolt, but depending on what whoever is machining the part would want to charge for that, I could get that done too, or not =P

If anyone knows a good place to get this made, or a better way to get it made, or something, let me know, so I can get a price quote. Or if you can make it yourself even, PM me =P

Copyrighted photos removed and a link placed into the text.

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I just heard back from Amy Pieh and the shank size on all of their tool holders is 1" and she's going to get back to me with the receiver depth and shank length dimensions. So now I need to decide if I should buy one and spend time with a grinder to get it down to an even 3/4 if the other dimensions are ok, or if I should check into getting one custom made.

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