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I Forge Iron

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Hey man my name's Wes. I built a coal forge a couple months ago and started setting up an area in my shop to forge. I know you are looking for someone with experience to learn from (I tried doing the same) but if you ever want to get together, drink a few beers, and learn from each others mistakes I'm available. I'm going up to Osteen's coal next week and gettin about 25 railroad spikes. I live in the Williamston area. If you ever want to stop by or don't mind if I ride out I'll provide the coal, steel, and beer. Good luck finding someone to train under. Hope you have better luck than me!

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Hey Wfulbrig and Woogie,

I live in Starr SC, I have a two burner propane forge and a coal forge(crappy but functional). I am off Mon-Thursday available to open the doors, just let me know.It will at least get me out of the house.

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That sounds cool man. As much as I like time alone in the shop I've been looking for someone to get together with that knows what he/she is doing. I have a coal forge made out of a grill, brake drum, and a hair dryer. It has been getting the job done but I've played xxxx trying to get a good even heat prior to the quench. I work a continental shift so it goes

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday on one week

then Wednesday, Thursday the next week.

Send me an email and I'll give you my number. I'm off next Wednesday and Thursday if you're free then I'd like to come by.

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Wfulbrig: If you put your general location in the header folk living within visiting distance will be reminded every time they read a post by you. Just telling us in a message isn't going to stick in our memories longer than it takes to open another one.

Frosty The Lucky.

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