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Help with hammer ID


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I just cleaned up a couple of my great grandfather's hammers and re-handled them and while I was at it I noticed this one had a TK stamped on either side of the head. I know it's well over 100 years old and was wondering if any of you hammer aficionados out there had any idea who the maker was or a possible age range? None of the other hammers had any identifying marks, which isn't surprising as he was a farm smith in the back woods of West Virginia... I'm not expecting any miracles, but it would be neat to know where the old boy's hammer originally came from. 

2016-10-28 09.32.19.jpg

2016-10-28 09.32.23.jpg

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Very possible. His name was Hermit Fink, so definitely not his! He purchased another blacksmith's entire shop at one point so it very likely could have been made or purchased by that guy too... No idea what his name was. I was just hoping one of you encyclopedic type of guys might have a brainstorm! Stranger things have happened on here...

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