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4142 Hammer Failure

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I did, and Kevin clearly annealed  in order to grind his  1080, and that  is not the Verhoeven paper

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I use Cashen because he is a well known  and highly regarded knife Smith.

The first article of his that I read is no longer on his site. It is a "how to" on heat treating a knife to pass the ABS journeyman test. And yup, same sequence I listed above.

So, do as i suggested and go a page back.  Here, to save you the Hassel.

You will notice he always lists this sequence, normalizing is never after anneal and never does he normalize more than once.  There must be a reason.

You will see his general recommended sequence to heat treat plus definitions and a list at the bottom for a half dozen or so common steels. You will notice that they do all follow the same steps as above. And yes, he does anneal then does cold work, as is recommended in the heat treaters guide as well. However, achieving dead soft  is not the only reason to anneal. Considering who maintains the guide I consider them to be pretty Rock solid for info. 

And, I'm on my time here. With no internet yet on my new site, I'll do as I said and get this info for you,,, in due time.  ;) Patience, patience.

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