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JET mill/drill?

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I have a chance to get a used JET JMD-15 mill/drill for $450. Anyone had experience with this one? I have never used mill and have no idea what to check for on a used one. Any input would be grately appreciated.

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That looks a lot like the ENCO unit I got used. I use it alot in my knife work. I do not believe a real machinest would like the tolerances but it does what I need. A good vise is over a $100, milling cutters are pricey delpending what you want to cut, you will also need collets of the correct size for the cutters.etc etc etc. Without some tooling you can use it for a drill press.....I know that is not that funny.

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This looks like a catalog picture with out tooling.

I have never used one so I can not comment to much.

However what tooling comes with it?
Mill cutters
hold down clamps
fly cutter
etc etc

You can pile up a lot of money in tooling maybe even more than the $450 for the mill.

Hoever I would be tempted to look at it.

Look for slop, in the bed, the cross slide, spindle and arbor, the precision down feed system etc, etc,

Ask to take some trial cuts. Be careful, do not climb mill. That is feed the steel in the same direction that the cutter is turning. Feed the steel into the opposite direction of the cutter.

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