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2x72 Belt Sand Paper Grits and Brands


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Figured I would pick some brains...

I just got some Grizzly 80, 240 320 or something like that grits...Just put the 80 on...Not too impressed....but maybe I just had high expectations...

Just wanted to see how it worked taking some off a knife I'm making....Did notice the stuff stinks! It smelled up my house, I left in on my sink, its all I could smell...

I prefer Norton and 3M in my other sand papers I have used...I'm thinking thats what I need to get next for my 2x72...Or? What should I use and where should I buy it...

What do you guys use?

What grits do you guys use most and why?

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36 or 40 grit for hogging of material quickly.   3M Cubitron pretty much shreds steel in those grits.  I like 80 grit after that.  It still takes off steel fairly quickly, but doesn't leave nearly as deep scratches.  The ceramic belts I've used are definitely worth the extra money compared to the SiC belts.  They seem to stay cooler and cut better for longer than other abrasives.  I usually don't go past around 240 before heat treating, and by that point I'm trying to just do clean up work rather than any serious stock removal.  Depending on the finish I'm after I may go up to 600 on the grinder after heat treat, but usually anything after 400 is done by hand.

I was lucky enough to find a 50 pack of 80 grit Cubitron belts on Amazon a few months ago for about half the normal price - under $4.50 US per belt and free shipping, but I haven't seen another deal like that since.

That's just my limited experience talking, but I hope it helps.

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Actually helps alot....

I wouldn't of considered 36 or 40 grit...just tells me I need to rethink some things....I would like to remove some material when needed fast...

I will look up the 3m cubitron

I'm totally clueless on the ceramic belts

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Well I "surfed" the internet...and Both Norton Blaze and Cubitron Belts both dominate the "best" list as of what people are very happy with....I even seen a couple "vs" youtubes....

So now I am just looking for a  good source for either "CHEAP"

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