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Residential furnace oil burner?

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11 minutes ago, Richard Furrer said:

I will let you know in a month or so.


Thanks, Ric. Are you building one yourself? It looks like an interesting idea, and I especially like the notion of not having to worry about storing propane.

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I have been using a diesel home heating burner and found that I had to use a conical reducer to concentrate thw fuel and air into a smaller stream as not all of the air got mixed through the flame and that unused oxygen caused problems with burning the steel. I used a 4"to3" mild steel one at the start but it burnt away after some use so I have changed it for a 304 stainless one I think the nozzle could be a bit smaller yet in the outlet, I still find the work a bit prone to scale and the flame is tricky to get the chemistry right but it has lots of heat and mine uses about one and a half litres an hour so its cheap to run and its just push the button simple start. I found the radiated heat from the forge interior cooks the auto restart sensor so remove that, my set up is very crude and takes ages to heat up to welding temp (about an hour) and I am currently improving my forge to a gas one



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