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Anvil and Steel Slab: Mounting Advice?

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I'm a total beginner building up my tools. I've just acquired my first anvil: A 100lbs John Brooks, and now it needs a stand to mount it on.

The stand is no biggie - I have lots of ideas for that.

also have a 100 lb piece of steel plate (approx 2" thick x 10" x 18") - it's construction steel, probably 44W or 50W.

I'm wondering if I should use that plate in my anvil stand. So the plate would sit on top of the anvil stand, and the anvil would sit on top of the plate. I'd metal-strap the anvil down to the stand (pulling it tight against the plate).

In my head, I'm 50/50 on whether this would help or not. The anvil does ring less when it's sitting on the plate, compared to sitting on my concrete floor.

Part B of this question is: If using the steel plate on the anvil stand is not helpful, might it be useful on it's own for something? Should I build a separate stand for it? It is, at the moment, extremely flat with very sharp edges. At a minimum, I could see myself using it as a surface to hot-cut against. I realize it'll get beaten up - I don't have any other use for it, and I got it specifically to act as an anvil.

Thanks in advance!

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22 hours ago, Ridgewayforge said:

I would keep the steel slab- look up a Brazeal Die Anvil- you can grind different radii of fullers into the steel slab. 

Ok - asked and answered. I'll set it up as a striking anvil, and based on need will radius and plus possibly add a hardy (although I'd have to send it to a shop for that...)

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