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Making Damascus: Chainsaw chain or Roller Chain

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I would like to try making some damascus out of chain. I have access to a chainsaw chain and a roller chain from a farm implement (larger than bicycle chain). Before I fire up the forge, I have a few questions:

1. Would either of these work or is one better than the other?
2. Are there any tricks I should be aware of?
3. Once I hammer a section flat, how often should I fold it? I'm sure there's no magic number, but is there a minimum?

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I tried to weld a bike chain, before I got a hot gas forge and just ended up with dozens of red hot chain links all over the floor,

Ive got the hang of forgewelding billets now, and I think the key is keeping the 'thermal mass' up

next time I try chain Im going to wrap it round a solid bar so it holds its heat long enough to set the welds (so it will be a chain / plain bar hybrid, but ill keep the chain on the outside of the billet ! :) - lots of flux and safety specs are well advised!

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