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I think it's a mousehole anvil, but not sure

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Hello to all. I am trying to help identify an anvil for a friend. I am 90% sure it's a Mouse Hole anvil, mainly because of the pointy feet. could not find any markings except a couple letters on the side, the only distinct thing being the letter "s". I am guessing the anvil weighs around 250 lbs; the dimensions are 28" long X 5.5" wide X 12" high. A bit of saddle in the face as well as some chipping, but rebound seemed good. Can you all confirm that this is a mouse hole anvil? It is going to an auction. 





And the camera was doing weird things. Not sure what's with the blotches of light. 

Thanks in advance for any help!

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There are over 100 different english makes that look like Mousehole generally because the makers worked at the mouse hole factory  without good stamping it will be pretty hard to narrow it down further than an English Anvil post 1828 pre 1910  Being a mousehole doesn't make it any better than being one of the others that did a good job of it too.

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