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a different style leaf key chain, atleast for me.

Mark Ling

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Sorry LTF for not saying thanks earlier!

Ok, Turned over a new leaf a while back (if you get what I mean, haha) and came up with another style of leaf variation. It was made using the Faram Fuller and I put to parallel lines down the center giving me a raised center vein, and then gave some side veins (not even sure if I would call them that) using the Faram Fuller. Also in the picture is one of my more recent leaf key chains using just a hand fuller. Much better than the ones I made earlier on! Up above the leafs are my first two Brian Brazeal style horse head bottle openers. Not exactly happy with them, Lets just say the bottle opener sides are terrible! they were made from 1/2 by 1/4", and was a little smaller than i prefer to make my bottle openers. But this was from about a month ago, and have made better ones sense.  And just for kicks I am including a picture of a nail header I made from a railroad spike. That's what they look like when you get bored! lolIMG_5183[1].JPGIMG_5069[1].JPGIMG_5185[1].JPG

anyways, give me your thoughts and criticism!


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