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Building a bench vise


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Good Morning Folks, 

I have been working on a VERY overbuilt vise and I thinking of using the screw and nut from a scissor jack. I (sadly) killed the first nut's threads with a stray weld and I am working on getting another mounted. I was looking at coil spring compressors on Amazon and I was wondering if anyone had used the that to replace a screw/nut in a bench or leg vise. 

Thanks in advance!



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Any length of thread will work but some, being stronger, will work better than others. Just use the closest to the size you want that you can get and be prepaired to accept that it may not be quite as strong as you would have liked. If you can try and source square profile threads, which you may find on car screw jacks, or even old caravan stabalisers. They are often used on decent quality G clamps, especially the larger ones and are ideal for your project!

Mtnsttream, I like that, added to the project list!


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