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Anyone know a good electrician Huntsville Al?


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Yellow pages? Call the BBB? Maybe give "Angie's list" a try?

I learned this trick eventually. When I have a question about or am looking for a reputable tradesman I ask at the supplier. We contracted a HVAC outfit to tune and trouble shoot our oil fired boiler with the local Yellow Pages. It was beginning to look like the boiler wasn't going to make year 15 but the HVAC guys who by then were our regular guys not only didn't repair the problem they made up a story about looking really REALLY hard for the part and finally just stopped answering the phone when we called. You don't REALLY have to hit me with a tree to get my attention but I CAN be slow.

I finally asked at the HVAC supply up the road from us and when they asked who we were dealing with harrumphed in response then expressed surprise such and such was sluffing us off. The guy at the counter called a tech who was out the next day and had to make a trip all the way to the supply store to buy one lousy clip to retain the ignition points in the burner. The clip and 2 screws cost some $3.00, the extra trip to go get it cost an hour's labor but the boiler hasn't missed a beat in 3 years now.

The guys selling supplies tend to have a pretty good idea who's good and not and why though they'll rarely share why they won't recommend an outfit or person.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The local welding shop was my backup just in case but as to the rest I have gotten burned with roofers using the BBB and yellow pages so I am a bit hesitant. Huntsville is right up there with the research triangle in North Carolina and that attracts many fly by night groups that have an "A+" in the BBB listing somehow. Like these reviews on Amazon that all sound the same but are different people. 

Any how, I will get the local welding shop next.   

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I was thinking the electrical supply but if you're needing a service for a welder then the welding supply makes sense. An A+ with the BBB isn't a green light to me, all that requires is no recent complaints but if an outfit has anything less than an A it's a big red flag  you have to be pretty low shelf before the BBB takes notice. I suppose if folk were more inclined to complain it'd be a better way to vet contractors and subs.

Now I think about it we didn't complain to the BBB about the sucky service "Blankety Blank Mechanical" provided us so I guess I shouldn't complain about the BBB.

Frosty The Lucky.

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