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Champion Combo tool no.30

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Only way I know to get parts is to find another one with them.  For working smiths the price in the USA would be fairly low.  You probably need to find a tool collector who wants one to get a collector's price for it and of course completeness makes a BIG difference in the collectors market.

If you are in the USA, (this site has folks from over 100 different countries participating on it)  Quad-State would get you a large group of smiths in one place, IIRC it was about 1000 last year, and anybody who pays the entry fee is allowed to sell with no other charges!

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I'll say it's a neat piece but not practical for any heavy forging use. Value or worth is just what someone is willing to pay for it. 

Like Thomas said, your best bet is with collectors and depends on condition and completeness. 

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