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soft firebricks, anyone need them?

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12 hours ago, SomeGuy said:

sorry, I'm in a different country. Thanks anyway

In which country do you live? If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many Iforge folk live close enough to visit.

I have a question for you though. Iron Dwarf has his location in the header of his posts, you can't read the thread's subject line without it being in front of your eyes. So I have to wonder why this comment, especially to a post 2 weeks old?

Frosty The Lucky.

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I'm not sure what you mean. I didn't see any replies to the topic and I thought I would add one. There really isn't much more to it than that. I was interested in his offer until I saw he was England. I just thought I would leave a reply and thank him anyway. AS far as leaving my location goes, I don't really trust the internet anyway, so maybe i'll just leave that out. I hope you understand.


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Iron Dwarf's offer is presented in other threads and we've discussed it and fire bricks in general in depth, he may even have takers by now. You see offers like this pretty frequently on Iforge and there isn't a lack of thanks offered. The Dwarf man is a major contributor here, one of the posters I ALWAYS read, even when we disagree I learn.

It's not a rule but you're not going to come to anybody's mind if there is something going on close enough to you to be of interest. Say someone only 50 miles / 80km  away has a near pristine anvil for cheap, you're not going to even know before it's gone. Then there are gatherings, what we call hammer ins, a bunch of blacksmiths getting together just because, to swap stories, tips tricks, maybe lend a hand on a large project, BBQ, etc.

If nobody knows you're not going to get a call.

As far as security, you could spend an awful long time driving around Meadow Lakes Alaska without driving up our driveway. Then again, the internet being what it is if someone wants to locate you the only way to prevent it is to never have gone online. Oh heck, NEVER have utilities, elec, water, gas, phone, etc. have a real paying job, pay taxes, get sick, see a doctor, etc. Just once and you're in the book.

Frosty The Lucky.

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thank you for the kind words Frosty, I always read your posts too.

the bricks are all gone now.

to Someguy

as to location ohio USA is good, USA is ok and would save posters a lot of wasted time if you need location dependent help.

so you could add either to your header to help people but there is no rule saying you have to, it may mean you get less help or less useful help when you need it though

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