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I usualy use Bruss brush to get nice Goldish color on the final product. I wounder if it possible to do the same with Copper brush and to get Copper like cover. I coulded find Copper brush and the only one avalible are Bruss. Any idea where to get them and what is the effect of using Copper brush on hot Iron?


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WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU IN?  Or are you willing to pay international shipping?  I googled  copper brush  and had a handful of suppliers from around the world.

I don't know what the effect of using one is as pure copper has a higher melt point than brass and I was a bit worried about the copper-beryllium brushes as Beryllium scares me, especially in the hands of people who are careless with the basics.

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I have some bronze brushes.  Not pure copper but mostly copper.  I like them as the color range is wider and more dark colors are likely. They are significantly more difficult to use as the temp range for good color transfer is much narrower and you need to be really quick to the quench to hold the colors when you do get them.  Generally the sweet temps are quite a bit cooler than with the brass brushes and the narrow range means that you have to work through as it cools!  Overall, lots more effort required but some nice colors can be achieved!

i quite commonly work through several cycles before I get what I want.  Possibly there is less metal transfer than with the brass brushes... so that several cycles results in a thicker "skin" of alloy to create the colors!

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Thank you folks for the help on this issue. The Google’s copper brushes are not really copper (they are brass).I couldn't find pure Cupper brush.  I really want to try the bronze brush. Any idea where can I purchase bronze brush?  



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