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    I'm working in the high tech industry, however in my free time I like to do blacksmithing projects.
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  1. Thank you Bigfoot... yep it is not so easy to find international shiping outside the usa...but found somthing in the UK...
  2. Thank you folks for the help on this issue. The Google’s copper brushes are not really copper (they are brass).I couldn't find pure Cupper brush. I really want to try the bronze brush. Any idea where can I purchase bronze brush? Thx, Felleni
  3. Hi, I usualy use Bruss brush to get nice Goldish color on the final product. I wounder if it possible to do the same with Copper brush and to get Copper like cover. I coulded find Copper brush and the only one avalible are Bruss. Any idea where to get them and what is the effect of using Copper brush on hot Iron? Thx...
  4. Hi all, Actually Konts reminded me the name of the material (Corten) which I was looking for. Thank you very much for the help.
  5. Hi, I hope someone can help me with the name of the material which has Reddish/Orange color and can be used for forging like standard iron alloy. It is quite common material used for gates, roofs etc and If I'm not mistaken it is iron that contains some amount of copper. Thank you, Fellini
  6. Thank you folks for the help. The "Plans for The In Line Treadle Hammer (C. Spencer)" is defently a good starting point. I'll post the picture of the final product of the Treadle hummer (not the power hammer...) when it will be ready. Cheers, Fellini
  7. Hi folks, I would like to build power hammer which is similar to the one in the picture attached. Any drawing/design for a similar hummer will be appreciated. Regards, Fellini
  8. Thank you folks for the beneficial inputs. It seams that I will build my forge with steel and focus on improving the isolation rather then deal with the stainless. Fellini
  9. Hello, I'm considering building new gas forge using stainless steel material instead of iron (as the outside frame of the forge). The motivation is better energy efficiency since the stainless steel has better emissivity coefficient (lower than iron) as well as lower thermal conductivity(than iron) so the heat loss to the environment should be lower. In addition the stainless steel is more durable from oxidation/rus point of view. I would appreciate any advice on this issue. Best regards, Fellini
  10. hi, I trying to make old style bell using 3" metal pipe using the anvil horn, however I'm getting trouble to have it nice and smooth at the narrow side. I would appreciate any help how to make nice and smooth bell. cheers, Fellini
  11. Thank you Jeremy for the response. This is the first time I'm working with Damascus still. It is 2x2 inches by 4 mm. I'm planning to make a knife. I will use your good suggestions as a starting point. Thanks a lot, Fellini
  12. Hi, I got from a freind some small pieces (2'x2'x4mm) of Damascus steel. I would appreciate to get information what is the treatment required prior to forging and post forging. Thanks a lot, Cheers, Fellini
  13. Yep,it works. so easy...thank you folks. Fellini
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