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Basket Hangers


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This was a project completed at the Tom Kennon Blacksmith Shop which is a partner property of the Current River Heritage Museum in Doniphan, Missouri. ( www.doniphanmissouri.org )  The goal was a Basket Hanger for the front door of the Museum and, after completion of the first Hanger, it became obvious that one on each side of the door would be more symmetrical and pleasing, so I made another to match. The design was centered around a half penny scroll brace for the L bracket which would be decorated with a fishtail scroll and affixed to the wall bracket with a leaf motif at each end. All of the stock was 1/4 inch bar; the part attached to the wall was 1.5 inches wide and 32 inches long; the hanger and half penny scroll were 1 inch wide and about 30 inches long.  The scrolls were done first, then the L bracket and finally the wall plate.  All were first textured cold with a rounding hammer with the edges broken before the forging. After forging and chisel work the fishtail scroll and the chiseled leaves were brushed whileIMG_7675.thumb.JPG.58a899a61efcf6f64a5d1IMG_7674.thumb.JPG.4090650111b41c82d972bIMG_7673.thumb.JPG.f18f97b6d1348898ea2b8IMG_7672.thumb.JPG.1f67e117b86aa7bbe5475 hot to impart a brass patina.  The pieces were then drilled for fabrication and assembled using 1/4 inch copper rivets. The entire finished assembly was wire brushed and sprayed with a clear gloss acrylic.  The Hangers were affixed to the wall with pyramid head wood screws.

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