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Knifemakers, I recently ordered a blank of 3/16 by 2 in 80crv2 from Steel baron. It says that it heat treats like 5160 which I am familiar with. I am looking for input on how well this steel works for small to midsze or even full sized knives. I generally use an oil quench. What temperature should I temper it to?

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I recently got some 80crv2 from Aldo.  It's a little tougher to forge, doesn't move quite as easy as other steels but the HT was simple.  It took a soft back draw well.  That knife was a 11 1/2" Bowie.  It warped slightly.  I used a soft back draw to straiten the blade, the steel took the soft back draw well and straitened right up.  The drop test left a divot in the floor.  It chopped through a 2x4 easily and was still sharp. 

So my next project with it is a hybrid San Mai forged with cable and the 80crv2 at the core.  So far the billet has forged up well.  I've got other projects pressing so this one has went to the back burner.  I'm curious to see how this one turns out.

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I know it is dated but I thought I'd add some info on this steel because it is very nice and info is scarce. There is also a great deal of controversy on how to heat treat it. Here's how I do mine.

Normalize 1600/1530/1475/1300(optional). The sub critical cycle is to add toughness. A soak(or holding time) is recommended but not necessary. 2 minutes is enough. Do not worry about grain growth, the vanadium prevents it(to an extent) if you don't overheat.

Quench 1530 in 11 secs oil or hot canola.

Tempering temp chart:


400f .........60hrc


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