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Hi from Vancouver


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Hi all just joined. I am located in Vancouver BC Canada.

I have a lot of interests. Beating on red hot steel being one of them. Played with a coal forge for a bit, and always wanted a gas forge. I was able to get some Kaowol and I have a anvil so thought it's time to build a forge.:D

So joined here to learn what's best before I get started. I am also looking for the refractory cement or whatever is best to line it with. If someone in my area knows where to get that I  would like to know?

Looking forward to doing some reading here.

Cheers Rob

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Good Morning,

There is a group of guys at the Burnaby Museum and at the Langley Museum Blacksmith Shops that can answer your questions. I will be going back and forth from the Island setting up the next CanIRON XI, which will be held at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Cloverdale. July 3-6, 2017.

We get the refractory from a supplier on your side, Richmond/Surrey area.

Jump on a Ferry and come over for one of our events. www.viblacksmiths.com

Welcome to our world, there is no end of Learning.


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Welcome aboard Rob, glad to have you. The gas forge section here has a lot of info about gas forges and burners. There are almost always threads running about building forges and burners. Pull up a chair, bring something to drink, a snack and check out the gas forge section. It'll give you a good idea of what's happening in a gas forge, size, burner types sizes, etc. There are a lot of details and it really helps if you have a handle on a subject before you try talking about it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Greenbarn potters supply in Port Kells might be a good place to look.  That is where I picked up my fire brick a few years back.  


You said you played around with a coal forge for a while, could I ask where you got your coal?  I'm out in the valley and am having a hard time sourcing any coal.  I'm also just starting out so I don't really have any contacts in the community with makes it a bit more challenging as well. 

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