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First Hammer build, what style is least complex to tune?

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Well folks, to miss-quote the movie Tron have almost reached my decision gate and I need to ask a question. The attached images are the current state of my compact power hammer frame and in a very few steps I need to decide if I want to make this an air or motor driven hammer. Anderson Phillips gave me some sound advice that how you tune an air hammer can have as big an impact as the volume of air that the hammer can handle. That got me to thinking and I wonder if the tuning/timing of a leaf spring hammer such as a Rusty type is more, less or about the same level of complexity. If I go the air hammer way I think I will use in single strike mode until I can get a gear head I work with to help with the plumbing. I have the cylinder and a 2/5 valve as well as a 1hp motor and a lead on a spare tire so I can really go either way. 

The I beam is about 31" tall and the top extends out about 18". I have a few ram options from 25" to 7" long and as heavy as 20ish pounds to around 8-10 pounds. I don't have the space for a larger Spencer type tire hammer, the back deck is all I have as a work space and is not that large to start with and that is why I want to start small. The 2 other images this post as well as the 2 in this older post are some of the hammers I am using for ideas. 

I welcome any feedback. 






small hammer.jpg

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