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There's a hispanic guy at work. His name is Geraldo (probably badly misspelled). As far as I know, he's legal. He's been at the mill much longer than I have. He works hard and has worked his way up to millwright.
I didn't know it, but he also works at a convenience store. Last night, two guys went into the store and robbed it. They put a shotgun to Geraldo's head. He got a hand up and shoved it down before they fired. He was hit in the leg just below the waist. He is going to be all right, but he could use your prayers. I don't know if they got the robbers or not. But they could use your prayers too.

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Correction on the name. It's Gerardo. I've worked with the poor guy for 6 years and am just now getting his name right. :rolleyes: Anyway, I got news today that he is doing well, but still in the hospital. Thanks for the prayers.

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