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Idfentity / History of anvil

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      Trying to identify this anvil I just acquired.  Got if from someone who said it had belonged to her great grandfather.  Been sitting unused and covered in dust for last 50ish years.  She rings like bell when hit with hammer and sings when I wirebrush her.  Did a loose handed drop from about 10 inches with 2.5 lb hammer and it bounced back almost the length of the hammers head.








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Hay Budden anvil, made in Brooklyn, NY. sometime between 1892 and 1926.  There might still be a serial number visible on the front base on the left side.  You would have to remove it from the stand and wire brush it.  If you find a serial number, post it and we can tell you approx manufacturing date.

HB are considered among the best forged anvils made.  That anvil is in great shape.

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