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Construction Equipment Anvils

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So I've been seeing a lot of pictures of Construction equipment being transformed into Anvils. Can you post pictures of the Abnormal and Construction equipment pieces your using as an anvil. I feel it will help to see the different ideas that branch away from the RR track and Classic Anvil for all of us new guys.

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Well I have used a 4"x4:x8" piece of scrap,

I have used a 16# sledge hammer head mounted in a stump vertically, 

I have made a stake anvil using RR spike driving sledge riveted onto a 3' shaft I forged from some 2.5" sq stock.

I have used a piece of 6" diameter round stock as an anvil.

I have used various rocks as anvils---I prefer granites and basalts

I've even, in extremis, used a piece of RR rail and a claw hammer to forge a pattern welded billet.


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