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Budding Blacksmith on Oahu. Seeking advice/training

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Ive had a foundry for about a year now but had kept my metalworking to solely melting aluminum down to ingots. I picked up a piece of railroad track a few days ago and decided to clean off the rust, and mount it on a base as an anvil. Other than that, I have no experience but am extremely excited to learn. If you have any important advice to a newbie, or if you are in the area and willing to teach a few things, please let me know. Thank you. -Greyson

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Welcome aboard Greyson, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many IFI members live within visiting distance. A great place to start is in the basic blacksmithing and getting started sections of Iforge. The site has thousands of posts archived organized by category. No need to read them all but it doesn't hurt.

The blacksmith's craft has a trade jargon, a specialized language of words, terms, phrases, etc. with special meanings. It can be hard to express yourself without having at least a grounding in the jargon so asking good questions is difficult and understanding the answers can be impossible.

A lot of us were very happy to find a piece of RR rail to forge on. Don't let folk who think rail isn't a "real" anvil fool you, if you hammer hot steel on it, IT IS AN ANVIL. Period. If you have a long enough piece to stand it on end even better. You don't really need much more anvil face than the size of the hammer face and the ends of the Web and Flange make excellent dies and tools.

Huh, what am I talking about? Jargon Greyson, it's Jargon. ;)

I see Thomas saved me the trouble of mentioning my favorite Blacksmithing book. It's gold, absolute gold for boot strapping yourself a smithy.

I better go I have chores. <sigh>

Frosty The Lucky.

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