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Few different things on the go

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Wanted to try something a little bigger,  leaf spring seax  started out 12"  I screwed up and then I found a crack so it got shortened twice.  doesn't seem to be any more surprises.


Improvised bending jig for making a ring from 1/4 x 1 1/4"  with a 11" diameter or so. Along with the lower corner pieces for a gate.



While I had a bit of coal burning I used the heat to make a  hardy that will be the base of a bending fork.


And last but not least,  anyone seen a tool like this before.  The pointy bit slide in and out.


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It's a punch type can opener.  The movable part should have a small triangle of steel project at a right angle to the shaft. 

Here's how to us it. 

Hold the opener with the point down at the center of the  tin can and drive it into the can until it reaches the bend. 

Then then rotate the shaft down until it's flat against the top of the can and then slide the movable part until it's just inside the rim of the can. Next drive the point of the movable part to pierce the can. Then rotate the opener to make a cut through the top of the can. .Depending how sharp it is and the toughness of the tin can you may have to use a little force.  

Probably not a good idea to practice wearing a white shirt. 

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One of the drivers from work let me come over and play with his plasma cutter for a bit.  WOW!  Now do I ever want one.  Managed to get the rays of sunshine done.  Bit of forge work and welding and I'll have the one corner of the gate filling in.  Have to get moving so it's done by June....



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Was going good for a while,  had lunch cleaned out a huge clinker.  Watched the rain coming down the valley.   Think my fire was choked off from to many small (pea size bits of coal) couldn't get the air through.  Wasn't making heat for me again.  Packed up just as the rain rolled in.  Anyways I think I have a good bit of the gate filled in in my head...  just a matter of getting to it.



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