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used fire pot value


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I just wandered into the sticks to take a look at a blower and post vice that a guy has for sale.  The champion 400 blower is still hooked up to an older forge--a wooden box set-up with a cast fire pot elevated in the middle that is similar to the new rectangular pots from Centaur with a little different clinker breaker.  The pot was in excellent shape with no burn, just barn rusty.  Wind-something brand.  There was also a large sheet metal galvanized hood in reasonable condition.

I wasn't really interested in anything but the blower but the seller wanted it all to go as a package.  I passed but he'll call back before he sells to check again.  So here's my question:  I can figure prices on the blower but I have no clue what an old cast iron fire pot in good shape might be worth.  The wood part is junk--the hood, meh, maybe it could be used for something.  I was just curious if anyone had a guess as to what the adder might be for the cast fire pot--or what it could realistically be sold for if I just wanted to trade dollars in order to get the blower.  It's not something I want but it might be worth paying for and just passing it on at cost.

Any guesses?  Sorry--wasn't in a position to get photos.  I know it's not much to go on without pics--I just don't remember ever seeing a used centaur type pot alone for sale so had nothing to go on.  Next time I go barn tromping I'll remember my phone for the camera.

Oh...and I passed on the post vice also due to price but it might come back around when they stop seeing the over-priced listings on e-bay and check the actual sold pricing.

And dang it...no anvils to be seen.

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yes, whirl-wind.  Thanks for jogging the rust from my brain.  Closest new I can find is about a bit over $ 300 but I am skeptical that a used one would bring half that.  I might be completely wrong though.  

Looking at an old ad on the "other" site I see the whirlwind was matched with the champion 400 blower and was made by them.   I'd guess from what I could see that with bead blasting it'd almost be like new.  Nothing seemed chewed away from rust or heat.

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If you can read the description, it is of interest. Below the general purpose tuyere is the horseshoe special. The cut-outs are rounded as opposed to squared off. The add says don't delay installing this so you better get to it.

Package deal


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