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Blacksmith Lesson Plan?

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Hello all! This is my first year teaching, and I have an idea that maybe ya'll can help me with...I am trying to make some rainy day lesson plans to kill some time while the other class in the grade may need to catch up. I have been showing videos, but that's a little too ordinary for me. I am thinking of using the figures in my curriculum in new ways. And what way is better than blacksmithing...Founding Fathers "Forging" America.

I am looking to see if some of our founding fathers were ever blacksmiths, or did anything for the craft. I pretty much have Thomas Jefferson and his nail manufacturing plan laid out. But I am looking for others. If anyone has ideas or info that would be awesome. Also websites or books to look to would be great. I would hate to teach a story that isn't historical for a social studies class.

Thanks for the potential help!

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