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Hofi Hammer size?


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why not put it on a scale and weigh the thing? Then photograph it on some grid paper so we can get an idea of size and from there we could come close to a weight.

Hofi makes the Hofi Hammers from (I think) 1.5 pounds to about 4 pound and some sledges.

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Allways and EVERY one may ask ME DIRECT
This hammer in the photo is a cast hammer made of 6150 steel weigh 3#
The forged hammers are forged from C45 which is a better German modified 1045
that have aditional 0.40 % Cr and 0.40% Ni which make it tougher .
all my hammers are quenched to HRC 55-60
The handle is made out of ''ROOBINYA'' which is a better wood then the hicory.
I did not want to be involved in the discussion about the pain u have in the kneck.
because many times the paie is not comming from forging bad habits but if u have a basic kneck problam the wrong holding of the hammer will deffinitly increase the dammege
I forinstance have from time to time pain in my kneck because 40 years ago a chyropracter created the basic damede and eversince frome time to time lackily not very often i get the pain ,and this is a type of inflamation, the only thing i do is COOL the place with frozen ''pilow'' for 20 minuts every day for 3-5 days and the pain is of.
more the that i can not help u. The only thing i want to emfesize again DO NOT HOLD YOUR THOMB ON TOP OF THE HANDLE WHILE FORGING. and read my BP on the subject.
THANK U for your attention

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hello guys!
Can I ask a other question about this hammer on this thread?
I have bought an Hofi cast hammer 2 years ago, but the handle doesn't want to stay in my hand.....
I have stick a rubber tennis racket for avoid this, it very well.....
but I have try same hammer in a school forge in France (Eynate and Shraga School)
and their hammers don't slice in my hand....
aspect was different, seem like warnish or oiled...
could you say more about this ? I don't think it's student sweet who have polish them...

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Hofi answered about the hammer so I'll talk about neck pain a little. I had a non-malignant lipoma growing on my neck for several years. It got to the point where I looked like Quasimodo and couldn't button my collar to put on a dress tie so I eventually had it removed with outpatient surgery. Before all that happened, I woke up one morning with intense neck pain. It got worse as the day went by and eventually put me in bed. I had to take heavy-duty pain killers for a week before I could even sit up in a chair.

The point of the story is this: The doc told me the neck and rest of the spine all develop wear patterns as a person ages. These start about age 20 or so and get progressively deeper. At the same time, your disc sacs also collapse (all this comes from Demon Gravity). This is why most folks get shorter as they age plus the spine develops more curvature. Pushing the joints out of this wear pattern often causes a great deal of pain due to pinched nerves - which is what happened to me.

When you go to sleep, the joints usually try to stretch out. If they can't align while you are awake, they often cause pain. This is one reason doctors sometimes use traction for chronic neck or back pain, to pull the joints out so they can return to a natural position. Accidents and injuries (or a chiropractor doing the wrong move) can push them into the wrong place. The muscles then tighten from the pain, the nerves are pinched more, more spasms, etc. and the cycle continues - sometimes for years. If left untreated, your wear patterns become permanent and you get chronic pain.

Many people are helped by gravity beds (the "batman" cages where you hang upside down for a while), stretching (highly recommended) and external heat (sauna or hot tub). I am not a pill junkie and prefer holistic methods if possible so a little bit of all of these treatments has completely eliminated my pain. Maybe some combination could work for you without causing other problems.

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Hello Fabien
Eynat And Shraga Are Two Of My Students. Eynat Studied With Me One Year At My Smithy And Shraga Took A Basic Class.
As For The Handle:
The Hofi Hammers That U Were Forging With At The School Came From My Smithy And There Is No Diferent Between Them The Only Thing That May Be Different Is The Type Of The Wood,in The Past I Used Mayple And The Brown Ekume To Day I Use ''rubinya'' Which Is A Rar Better Wood.
According To My Expeaience The Different Wood Do Not Influence The Holding Of The Hammer .i Like My Hendls To Be Very Very Smoose And ''shiny''
And Thin Because I Do Not ''hold'' The Hammer I ''guide'' The Hammer,see The Bp That Explains It.
Hammers Ar Allways ''flying Out Of The Hand While Forging Because Of The Centretugal Moovment Of The Forging. U Can Not Privent It And If U Hold It Tougher And Put This Teniss Rubber U Kill Your Hand.''let The Hammer Go''
While Forging In The Rythem Of Forging And I Do Not Stop For It Or Change The Ryhthem When Raising The Hammer I Bring It Back To Place.
If U Practice That Your Swing Is Easyer U Exercise More Power And U Do Not Dammege Your Hand And Body .if U Meet Eynat Again Say Hello Top Her She Visited Me At My Smithy In Israel Only A Week Ago. Be Well

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Hello Mr Hofi !
I 've find in old thread you use WD40 for finish handle, do you think it could be this oil who change the "grip" (a friend of me soak his knives handles in linen oil and it give them more "hand adhesion"...)?
I hope I could return to your students school soon....

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