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Reid Surface Grinder???

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Hello Everyone,

I have a really good customer that has a reid 618 surface grinder. He doesn't know much about it as he bought it years ago and never used it, but he said I could have it if I'd come and get it. Problem is he's on the east coast so I'm trying to find info on this thing before I make that trip. He told me today the labels been removed so he doesn't know what the model number is, but it was made in 1975-76 and this one is the high turret number, not the long bed, whatever that means?? Anyone know where I could find info on these surface grinders dating back to those years?

Thank you for any info,


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The 2x72" deal is good if you are looking to just get a good flat surface or grind off scale on bar stock (ie. for making strips to do damascus/pattern-welded steel), if you want to do any precision grinding you want to use the stones. Reason being you can't run a single point dresser across the belt in parallel with the with the bed so you'll be limited to the flatness of the contact wheel and belts. Alot of the people on the forums don't really need that precision and the belts safe money and time. I only mention it for those that might need the precision and don't realize the difference. (For instance, you want stones if you were grinding folding knife parts)


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