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Anyone weld SS regularly? Ever weld SS to plain carbon/tool steel? If so, did you use 309? If not, did you get cracks? Did you preheat the materials first? Ever make a mild steel blade and them put a several bead pass on the edge part with some 400 series SS or a tool steel filler?? Anyone try taking a flat piece of plain steel and just running beads on the face in a pattern of SS filler then forging it out and etching for some "cheated" damascus?? :confused: :confused:

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This S/S Breech and all it's mild steel components all stick welded with 316L S/S rods....Whenever I welded S/S to Mild Steel 316L S/S rods......This fan housing 6mm  S/S Scroll plate 316L welded to 6mm Mild Steel Cheek Patterns.

IMG_5947 (2019_07_19 03_59_36 UTC).JPG

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