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Compact blade grinder


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The 2x72 standard sized grinder unit is both bulky and takes up a chunk of real estate.  If all goes well I will have to move all of my stuff to a much smaller space.  Right now my shop is 32 x 90ish feet but we are trying to sell the property.  When it sells I have to move everything home to a space a quarter of that size or less.  Because of this I am looking to be able to mount everything machine wise on on the 4 foot side of my 4x8 welding table.  A 2x72 will take up a lot of space.  If I have to do that then fine but I would prefer a more compact unit.  2x48 and 2x42 get mentioned sometimes but it seems not a lot of folks use them.  Why is that?  Are these smaller units too limited?  So folks understand, this is not a matter of cost, tools cost money and you pay for the best you can afford.

My goal for the machine is to finish forged knives, not swords

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I think there are way more belt choices available in 2X72 and the cost per sq inch of abrasive is a little less at least at the places I buy belts from..  There is  71 percent more abrasive  on a 2X72 vs a 2X42 so the belts last longer and run a little cooler.  The width of the machine will stay the same, and you save only a little length.  I have a KMG with the variable speed I just love and can't imagine downgrading.  I have experience only with 1x30 and 2X72.

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The grinder is not the place to cut corners to save what amounts to a little space.  Focus on other ways to save that real estate--good storage, clever ways to park other tools, etc.  

Grinder is one of your PRIMARY tools...save the space on the secondaries.  Doing so will reduce the number of swear words uttered in frustration later.

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You can:

 A.) Build a grinder or buy a grinder that is similar to a grizzly in that the majority of the space the belt takes up to rotate is in height, not width.


B.) Build a portable work bench you can wheel outside and mount a grinder on there. The plus to this is that you got good ventilation too which means less dust and steel particles floating around in the shop and less to clean up.

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