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Ready Made Champion Blower Adapters


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I became tired of looking at folk's blower pipe held together with duct tape and decided to offer ready made adapters for champion 400 blowers.

Never could figure why folks will have a shop/forge/blower and make/sell all sorts of items and yet retain the blower pipe to blower with duct tape. But as Kermit the Frog would say; "that isn't any of my business"

Other models coming soon such as the Canedy Otto.

Champion 400 adapter is three inch pipe outside dia. The outlet of the blower is 3 1/8 outside dia. AND tapered. Probably because they didn't want folks employing some rinky dink hog podge of a blower pipe. Had to buy the factory stuff.

So anyhow. .....this is the cat's meow.  It is going to the patent office.  

So I visit this historical village and they got this nice blacksmith shop. And naturally the blower pipe is held on with duct tape. . . . . . .




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Sorry. You reminded me I forgot to post another pic.

The flange of blower outlet has room to drill holes. One hole "may" be from original pipe. I don't know. I could have made a complete flange but two little pieces of angle iron do same job. 

I don't intend to poke fun at blacksmiths making all sorts of items while at same time employing duct tape. Ok. I guess I do. But my point is "there is a better i. e. More professional way" and coat hanger isn't it. Yeah. You know who you are. But as Kermit the Frog says. . . . .

The spring loaded clamp makes this adapter adjustable.  The competition's clamp isn't. 

Ok.......there isn't any competition. But knocking down the competition sounds cool.


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That's the joke. I ain't selling them. I was simply pointing out that smiths about the country make all sorts of stuff from scrap (or new stock) and take great pride in the forge they buy and repair (or build) and then enters the duct tape/coat hanger . . . . .or both. 

I think it funny.

If you need one, pm me and I may be able to assist you. I made mine from scrap I have about the shop. Same as my forge I posted on the forum; minus the cast fire pot.

An optional V-Band clamp apparatus would be state of the art. I'm joking again but it would work well.............if you don't have to foot the bill for the V-Band.

(A V-Band is the clamp attaching the exhaust pipe to the turbo charger) I build exhaust systems among other things and I have clamps/hangers/pipes etc.

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I probably could sell some  But, many are hobbyists and quite frugal hense all the posts/questions concerning the use/price/location of scrap steel and how to remove the paint/rust/tar/chemicals from it when it's far too simple to just buy new.

Since duct tape works I believe many will stick :) with that.


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You can buy essentially the same thing ready made at a muffler shop that handles semis. The shop will have drops and will flare or swage it to fit for not much. You can slit the end with a hack saw and use a muffler clamp. It's where I got the exhaust pipe I used to make the tuyere and ash dump for my coal forge.

Good job job of thinking Mr. Reynolds that sure beats heck out of duct tape and drier hose. I wish I'd thought of it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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This is a prototype of the Reddi-Maid  (trade Mark- all patents applied ) Mark II Blower adapter. 

The blower is a bit unconventional in that this is the small Champion 400 blower intended for rivet forges. It mounts direct to the forge thus the smaller flange compared to the larger 12/14 models. I intend to try this blower on a larger table top forge and am merely guessing it will function just fine. These blowers are easier to operate in that they don't have such a large fan.

The gear box is same as the larger models thus it mounts secure to the stand just like the big brothers. With the different flange on this blower housing I needed a different method to firmly secure a 3" O.D. exhaust pipe to allow attachment of the 3" flex (exhaust pipe)

I fabricated a flange onto a 3" pipe and employed the use of a V-Band clamp. There is no alteration performed to the blower housing.

Contemporary forge blower adapter 001.jpg

Contemporary forge blower adapter 002.jpg

Contemporary forge blower adapter.jpg

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My Champion 400 came with a clamp that wrapped around the pipe and was nutted onto the lower portion of the housing just at the flange..  Sadly the clamp broke as it was cast iron when I was putting the pipe on going to the forge. Don't even know where the clamp broken pieces are as that was 15 years ago and moved a few times.. 


Maybe I'll find it when I move into the new shop and finally unload all the boxes..  

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