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Location, Location, Location...

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If you have'nt noticed there has been an effort under way to encourage folks to list their location in their profile.
You don't have to give your address, just your general region or hometown will suffice.
Without this none of us knows if you hail from British Colombia, Chicago, Westphalia, Rome, New South Wales or even Mars for that matter...
So how 'bout it- put a pin in the map for us?
THANK YOU!!! :)Dan.

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Sorry fellas, I wasn't refering to the "blacksmithing locations" part on this forum, just the profiles part, and I see you both have that info included:D.
I was just figuratively speaking when I typed "put a pin in the map" and now of course I see the correlation with the map thing.
When I first got on this site over a year ago I went onto that "blacksmith's locations" part and put an actual pin in the map as it has you do, then months later I attempted to go back there and edit my entry but couldn't do anything with it- is it an off site area handled by another host? Hmmm...
Anyway, including a location serves to make everything a little more personable here in cyberspace. Like I said, you don't have to show your exact address just a generalization, hometown?
Who knows- you might be just up the road from another smith who you could be banging on iron with together in person and never know it...
If you find yourself in my neck of the woods (western New York) look me up and we'll burn some coal- Dan O'Hare 4204 Huston Rd. Geneseo N.Y. 14454 (585) 243-0657 d.ohare@yahoo.com or d.t.ohare@gmail.com

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The blacksmith location map has to be manually updated. There are issues with some locations not being accepted (don't know why) and we are working on that one.

The location information (user CP, edit profile, enter location and save) is easy to do and then places your general location with your post. Much easier to look at the top of the post to see where your located than to go to another part of the site. But is your looking for a blacksmith close to your location the may is more helpful.

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