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new smith here

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Hello to all of you smiths out there. I have been forging now for about three months so I have a lot to learn from you guys. I just stumbled upon this forum and was thrilled to have all of your experience at my beckon. I have been a machinist for the aerospace industry for five years, so I have a fairly good understanding of metal and its properties. This hobby will hopefully open my eyes to other aspects of metal that I am unaware of. Thank you all in advance for any help and advice that you will send my way.


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Welcome Chuck!

Feel free to ask all the questions you want, but before you do, there are literally days of reading with all the posts, archives, blueprints, etc. to go through. Join us on Tuesday evenings for the live blueprint sessions.

And feel free to share what you know, as well!

Again, Welcome to IFI.

-aaron c.

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The company that I work for is a shop that started out very small with 4 conventional mills and 3 lathes in a little garage. Over the past 36 years it has grown to a capacity of 12 CNC VMCs, 2 horizontal pallet changers, 3 CNC lathes
and also has an in house tool grinding shop. We mainly supply to B/E Aerospace as well as Weber aircraft. Primarily seating parts and the occasional cosmetic gadget.

to all,

Thank you guys for welcoming me so warmly.


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