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Timber plates and Joiners

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I ran, programmed, and fixed an industrial laser for 15 years. One time a gentleman came in requesting joist plates and tie in plates. The project involved me turning his drawing (sketch) into contiguous geometry, then into cnc code. Got the job done, very curvy and good looking. Shipped them, next day the customer called and said they looked too good! Could we distress them? (Much to the chagrin of all involved with the project) We brought them back in and proceeded to beat the xxxx out of them and made the customer very happy.

Was the fly press used for texturing also or just for the acute cuts?

Your work is beautiful!

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Thanks. The fly press was used to bend the joist hangers. All the other pieces were textured on the hammer, larger than needed and then cut out with a friends plasma cutter. Then the lines were put in the corners and such by hand.
All the bolt heads were made on the flypress too. They are about 1 1/2" square and decorative round heads.

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