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Hello, guys.  I did a search here and didn't turn up anything.  So, I figured I would see if any of you anvil enthusiasts know anything.  I got this guy this weekend and it is stamped I O II one one side and has "warrant" and "Birmingham" stamped in a small font.  I see that Hill and Mousehole come from there but usually Hill's have a large "HILL" stamp over Birmingham.  There is a thread here with mouse hole stamps and they did not stamp Birmingham as far as i can tell.

There is does seem to be lettering above Warrant (which I assume was origionally Warranted) but it is very warn.  I think i can make out an O and M but it is hard to tell.  If you have any info that would be awesome.  If you have any tips on how to bring out the letters that would be awesome too.. 




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As Mousehole shipped a lot more anvils than Hill did; your LOCATION plays a factor too.  So you in Australia?  Low angle lighting and a dusting with while powder and removing it save for the indentations can help show up stampings.  (And if you were in the USA, taking it to a conference where Richard Postman show up can help bigtime!)

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