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Morning all,

I'm digging for some info and advise on the English Wheel.  I've never worked with any and only seen them used on you tube.  My son is retraining into sheet metal fabrication and has been looking at these to add to the shop.  the cheapest cast iron one is around £1700 and up. ($2500).  Steel tube versions are a quarter the price, but he has heard they will flex, throwing off your work.  What do we look for?  I realise this could be the proverbial "how long is a piece of string" question, but I'm not sure of what to look for or where to start.  Cleon is looking to make custom car and bike parts.  so size wise we are looking at 3 - 4 foot neck, and the anvil and shaped wheels will vary, but what are the frame issues we should look for and avoid?


any help is welcome


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a friend of mine makes english wheels and is not many miles away from you, get to junction 10 on the A14 and you are 2 miles from his place

as well as making cast iron machines he also does custom anvils for them and for most types of wheel

the person you are looking for is Justin Lee Baker


you are wanting to make panels 6 to 8 foot diameter, that is a bit big ( the throat depth needs to be just over half the size you are working.

I make forges and tools like ballstakes and dishing forms, im in Kettering too

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Thanks for the replies.  I found a guy who makes them not far from here that makes them and has invited me up to look at them and talk about pros and cons.

I'll let you know how I get on.  be sometime later this month.

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