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Scratches From Block Brush

Forging Carver

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Happy New Year Mr. Carver,

Maybe you just learned not to brush, when it is too hot!! A file will remove any of your scratches. Put chalk in your file teeth, grit won't stick too much. A file works in one direction only, stroke, lift, return, go easy it works faster.


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Happy New Year!

A common tendency of folk using butcher block brushes is to use them sideways instead of lengthwise. Sideways makes the bristles cut rather than flick across the surface. The bristles in a butcher block brush are flat little leaf springs intended to flick debris but you have to apply them on the flat. Visualize a putty knife and mudding drywall. If it's moving sideways it's a blade that will cut hot steel, the bristles ARE medium carbon steel that's been hardened and spring tempered so cut they will.

Pushing HARD is also NOT the answer, firm, fast and lengthwise is how the things work best. You want the tips of the bristles in contact, not laying flat from pressure. A brush is a brush and none like being ground into the work, they lay down and stop working.

Frosty The Lucky.

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