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I Forge Iron

I now have fire !!!

Thats Hot...

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Fired her up this morning and made the rod to go on my flapper, when I was done I had some coal clunks left. The coal I have is small ( 1/2" ) or so. Can I keep the large clunks and reuse them ?.. I was not going to weld a rod on to the flapper, I needed to make one and punch in the hole.  It worked...

Fire !!!!.JPG

Beet it.JPG

Punch that hole.JPG

And the hole.JPG

Nice fire.JPG

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Thats Hot, 

Some guys (me included) at the end of a forging session might even make up some extra coke for the next session.  If I have little coke in my fire after forging a lot at the end of the day, I'll just pile on some green coal, let it burn down slowly and rake it aside once it cokes.  Most times, the coal and coke will extinguish out of the air supply, but if it doesn't just sprinkle some water on it (NOT the firepot!!...it'll crack) once you've moved it aside.

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