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Copperhead sinuous bush sword

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I had a customer request a bush sword as close as possible in profile and bevels to one that I forged a couple of years ago for Knife Rights' Ultimate Steel fundraiser.  Fortunately, I had traced the blade on a piece of cardboard before I finished it out, so I was able to make a pattern.  Making any forged blade match exactly what has been done before is always boogery, but the pattern helped.

I forged it from 80CrV2 steel, with a 14" blade and an integral socket handle.  Like the original, the clip is a false edge, though thin enough that it could be sharpened.


The customer wanted me to do the handle wrap with a patterned paracord called "copperhead" that matches pretty close to the scale pattern on the actual ophidian, with the Turk's head knots in a solid color called "rust" that compliments the copperhead well.  The cord always darkens when the epoxy is applied, but the pattern still shows up.  Just not as obvious at a distance.


The customer is a lefty like me and liked the edge-forward left-handed cross draw setup I had done on my test mule camp knife.  He wanted to wear it lower than I did, so I gave the quick-detach, double-adjustable shoulder sling an extra foot of webbing so he could adjust it to where he wants it.


He expressed his satisfaction with the rig in no uncertain terms.  Always glad to have another happy customer.  :)

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The owner surprised me when he sent me some pictures of what he had done with the left-over copperhead paracord that I had sent with the bush sword.  He said to honor the maker, he put my touchmark on the sheath as well.  :D



Matches the stamp on the blade pretty darn well!  I was very impressed.


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How'd I miss this one. Stormcrow This is another Awesome blade. You are very consistant in making xxxxxx blades. IMHO Great designs. each one is different but is exactly your style. Perfect! I'd be proud to carry one of your blades into the zombie apocalypse... or just the woods for a camping trip :) 

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Thanks, guys!  I appreciate it.  :)


Daswulf - Even though there may be a fair amount of variety in the blade shapes, if you will notice, most of my chopping knives are laid out along an elongated sine wave.  Variations on a theme, but with the basic physics remaining much the same.

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when I make a knife I always trace it  on a piece of paper and keep it in a folder.


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