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  1. There is this weird marking on the hammer, can anyone help me identify it? Luc
  2. So i decided to help this one kid make a machete, i took some old circular saw blade steel (dont know what steel it is). I've done the rough grinding, still needs to be heat treated.
  3. I am really considering making a gas forge, and i thought if i could use the stoves upper open part as in the photos, i can make a pretty decent forge. Luc
  4. Hello there. Amazing knive! Very beautiful is this your first pattern welded blade? Greetings Luc
  5. Hello there, Very beautiful knive, you can be proud. Luc
  6. But just say i build my own belt grinder, how much power would the end product pull?
  7. Thanks man I will certainly try and make one, ill post pictures in about a month if you wanna see. Greetings Luc
  8. What can i use to make a eye for an axe, i saw some jackhammer heads, but i dont know.
  9. Hey Yeah me and my friend who blacksmiths with me went to the only scrapyard for a whole day to search, we found a railroad spike (very rare) some rebar, leafsprings ext but i wonder if we could use pickaxes to make like......a big axe? Greetings Luc
  10. Hey, ive been at the scrapyard, they keep any tools they find, even broken sledgehammer heads, saw 3 anvils there but they wernt for sale. At the moment i just want to use it for bladesmithing, would really appreciate it if you could find out. Im gonna search gumtree now, here isnt a builders warehouse, but just a vermeulens and small tool shops, (i live in Kimberely, Northen Cape). Greetings Luc
  11. Where in South Africa would i be able to get a belt grinder, ive been through the whole town, and no one can help me get one, i dont want to use a bench grinder to give my blades a finish. Luc
  12. That is one beautiful hammer. Luc
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