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Funny Thing happened this morning......


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My wife has one of those plastic pool/fountain things in the front yard.
Since it's late december, and the water is beginning to freeze more solidly each day,we(she) decided that we(I) should drain all the water, put away the pump, etc.

So this morning,I get a bucket and begin to dip the several bucketfulls of leaves, sticks, and water out of the pool.

About the 9th or 10th bucket full,......I happen to look down and see,,,,,,,

A SNAKE!!!!...........IN THE BUCKET!!!!!!!!!!!

It didn't take me long to throw the bucket down!

Just for an instant,,,,,,,I imagined I was being attacked by an anaconda.

(There are no anacondas in Kentucky,........but at that moment i was imagining pretty good!)

I'll have to tell my grandson that I found that *RUBBER* snake he lost last summer..............

Or better yet, maybe I should SURPRISE him!!!! :)

Does anyone else have things like this happen to them?....Or is it just me?

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I've only played 2 rounds of golf in my life and both were with my brother. :)

My father-in-law is an avid golfer and a bad influence. :rolleyes:

He told me to put a rubber snake in the cup but I never could find a chance so I hung it from the steering wheel of my brothers cart.

He was not amused... :D

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My mother stopped by one day over the summer. When it came time for her to leave I walk out on the porch to see her off. About halfway through the front yard she turned around and said "ha ha, real funny". I was confused to say the least. The next thing I know she reaches down and picks up a 4' kingsnake, screams, drops the snake and runs away. She thought I had planted a rubber snake in her path as a joke.

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