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A little shop time

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Played around with bick I've been working on.  Nearly have the upper part shaped where I want it. Have to get it done soon to make working on branches easier.  Then between tried 2 heat horse head like on the anvilfire page.  Way more than 2 heats for me to make a horse shaped thing.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try again, -15 deg C  not a whole lot of fun.  Once the anvil had a little heat in it tried a multi bar spear head. though welds just weren't sticking on the back half the way they were supposed to.  Front end welded up nice though. All the while I should have been working on a firewood rack for my shop...DSC02485.thumb.JPG.b682023faa8d75199eb1eDSC02488.thumb.JPG.ad68721612f4e41f6b5fb

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Made some hot dog sticks,  but I guess they are not 'G' rated so if you want to see them I can PM them to you.  Made 6 of them and then the goal post moved.  Now she wants 8 and another friend I went to school with liked them so another order for a half dozen.  Not much forging in them,  mostly fab work.  Made a couple tree ornaments.  And a try number three with 2 heat horse heads. Still way more than two heats but they are looking about right.DSC02513.thumb.JPG.d44973ff8c0744e3380e8

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