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I Forge Iron

the strangest hammer ive ever seen

Nick O

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my dad found this hammer at a flea market for $3 the weird thing is that it has a normal face like what you would find on a ball pein hammer but the pein end is another flat face and is half the size of the hammer face the pein end has what looks like a forge welded high carbon cap that's just starting to get a crack in it not only that but the side of the   hammer is very wide both pictures of the hammer faces are of the pein end if I can find out what this hammer is and what it is used for would be great to know thanks in advance Nick O




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How many times have you needed an antique (fill in the blank) only to see it priced on ebay for more than new in the box, or with the price tag still on it ( For real)

Call it an antique with a fanciful name, Price it at a min of five times the new value.  Charge a stupid amount for shipping and handling. It will sell within a week.  Ebay, got to love it.  Now that i got that out of my system, I'll go forge one of (what ever that was) I'm sure I need one!   LOL

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