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I Forge Iron

W1 Dagger with antler spacer

Graham Fredeen

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Hey everyone. Merry Christmas!
It has been awhile since I have been around here, and since I have had time to do much bladesmithing. Been excessivly busy with college and such. But I am off on break and have been back in the shop.

Anyway, just finished up this dagger last night (probably around 12:00 am or so). Thought I would post it here and see what you all think.

Blade is W-1, hardened and tempered, somewhere around HRC 60.
11.25" over all
6.25" blade
Mild steel guard and pommel
Antler and steel spacers

I am not sure on the species of hardwood I used on the grip, it was given to me by a woodworker I know, I am going to take the dagger and show him what I did with his gift and I will find out then.

Comments and criticism are welcome, dont worry about hurting my feelings, I am a man and can take it like one. And I know that my work is far from perfect, but criticism can help me focus on what I need to work on and help improve my work.






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you blade makers are phenominal , that has to take plenty of time to make
i appreciate the disipline and envious of being able to endure what has to be painstaking process.
you don't make it easy to criticise , even all your punctuation and spelling is correst
in your post .
throw us a bone will you

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Thank you all kindly.

This one did have some issues when making it, particularly with the hilting and tweeking everything to fit, and it is still slightly off in a couple of places. The antler spacer also split in half on me when I was doing the final assembly (luckly before I had peened the pommel on good, and even better that it did it before I welded it over) and I had to make another and re-fit it. Its always something it seems. But every little mistake and challenge teaches you something and helps make you better.

Patience is the key with this sort of work. I love forging out blades, and I even think grinding them is alright, but its the fittings that are the most challenging for me. Trying to get them to fit up right, look good, and be solid is a pain. This one is solid though, everything had to be tapped into place on the tang (thats why the antler split on me), almost didnt need the pommel to hold it on.

Sam, its good to be back. I thought I better bring something good with me when I came or you all might not want me back ;)
You have been turning out some good work recently yourself.

I have more blades in the works, and will show you all when I get them done.

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Hey folks, and Happy New Year.

I saw my woodworker friend today, who gave me the material for the grip and I was just going to give you all an update on what species of wood it is. It is actually cocobolo. I havent had much opportunity to work with many exotic woods as I am limited on money, so I havent developed the eye for what wood looks like what quite yet.

Anyway, just thought I would give an update in case anyone was wondering.

And I also finished up another dagger last night, I have yet to take pictures of it, but as soon as I do I will post them.


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